Chapter Camp 2022

Every Spring & Summer InterVarsity hosts a series of chapter camps that provide students from around the region a chance to get away, go deep with God, and build relationships with one another. Each chapter camp week is an opportunity to spend extended time with your InterVarsity peers, make new friends from other campuses, and go in-depth with God through scripture. This is one trip you won't want to miss!


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Palomar Christian Conference Center

Palomar Christian Conference Center is located in northern San Diego County, high atop the west side of Palomar Mountain. Large pine, fir, and cedar trees make the mountain camp one of the few areas in Southern California with a Sierra Nevada-like atmosphere. The conference center is a fun-filled, life-changing place for campers, that offers the opportunity to get away from your busy schedule to see God revealed through His creation. InterVarsity is looking forward to returning to Palomar!

Location Information

  • Palomar Christian Conference Center
  • 34764 Doane Valley Rd, Palomar Mountain, CA, 92060 US



  • Mark 1

    Mark 1

    Each day will include 3 sessions studying the first half of the book of Mark, which follows the life of Jesus & beginning of his ministry.

  • Senior Seminar

    Senior Seminar

    For graduating seniors only (winter '21 graduates included). Graduating from college brings with it a season of celebration, changes, challenges, and choices that is unlike any other time in our lives. We will spend the week exploring what it looks like to be fully present during this unique season - from choosing community and engaging with family, to navigating faith and finances. We want to be alumni who are equipped to thrive not only in our life with Jesus, but our careers, churches, and relationships after college. Join us and make space to reflect, process, pray, and learn together. Congrats Class of 2022!

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Health Guidelines

Screening for Chapter Camp Guests and Staff

All campers are asked to self-monitor for COVID symptoms. We ask that if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, you do not get in a car to travel to camp. 

Everyone arriving at camp will be asked standard COVID-19 related health screening questions during check-in. This data will be reviewed by a sole HIPAA trained administrator. 

Any camper, and their housemates, showing any signs or symptoms of illness at arrival at the camp, will be asked to return home.

To help prevent the spread, InterVarsity requires all people, regardless of vaccination status, obtain a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours prior to arrival or a rapid antigen test no more than 24 hours prior to arrival.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are required while indoors and strongly recommended for all campers outdoors, with the exception of while eating, sleeping or participating in water activities. If a camper is outdoors and a distance of 6ft or more can be consistently maintained, the mask may be removed. 

Cleaning & Disinfection

Palomar staff performs thorough cleaning in high-traffic areas such as dining areas, kitchens, and areas of entry and exit including stairways, stairwells, and handrails.

Public spaces throughout camp are equipped with proper sanitation products to include hand washing stations, hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes.

Products used for cleaning are approved for use against COVID-19 on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved list and responsibly used according to product instructions.

In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19, the housing and bed of the camper will undergo an enhanced sanitization protocol in accordance with CDC guidelines. Should this occur, the room will not be returned to service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. Campers will be isolated according to county guidelines.


Why Are We Screening?

InterVarsity and Palomar Christian Conference Center endeavor to do whatever it takes to maintain the highest standard of camper safety while preventing unnecessary disruptions in the camp experience. 

We want Palomar Christian Conference Center to remain open so that every person who experiences camp can fully enjoy the recreational and life-changing spiritual impact we all know and love. We are aware that there are many well-intentioned opinions regarding COVID-19, testing, and vaccinations among our constituency. Current California overnight camping guidelines also recommend testing as an essential COVID-19 mitigation strategy. 

Palomar Christian Conference Center is considered an "Organized Overnight Camp" in the eyes of the State and, as such, falls under Organized Camp requirements, guidelines, and CAL/OSHA regulations. Because of this, certain COVID-related freedoms that restaurants, retail, businesses, and even churches might enjoy do not generally extend to overnight camps. The reason for this is because Palomar’s camper populations generally sleep, eat, and interact closely with one another for the duration of their stay.

Type of Testing Acceptable

PCR or Rapid Antigen Tests administered at a doctor’s office, clinic, hospital, urgent care, school, pharmacy, county or public health departments, etc., and verified by a licensed healthcare or testing professional (non-family member).

Antigen Testing

What is Antigen testing?

Antigen tests detect proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that form during the infection cycle and indicate that a person has an active infection. Rapid antigen tests offer several important benefits. They are highly portable, scalable, easy-to-use and provide a flexible approach to helping more people in more places get access to reliable testing in a cost effective way.

Symptoms Develop After Arrival at Camp

What happens if a camper comes down with Covid symptoms following their arrival at Palomar?

  • The camper will be quarantined in a separate cabin.

  • The bed/cabin where the camper was residing will be disinfected according to County Health Guidelines.

  • Any campers who have been in the same housing unit, will be asked to stay in a secluded cohort for any activities and monitor their symptoms.

  • Rapid Covid tests will be available to campers that have Covid symptoms. 

  • If a camper needs medical attention, a local hospital will be contacted to have the camper transported to the nearest medical clinic.

For further questions please contact [email protected]

I agree to take a COVID test 72 hours prior to my arrival at camp and understand a negative test result is required for my attendance.

Individual Release/Waiver

Should the PDF not display properly, you may download a copy of the Individual Release-Waiver_10.22.2020.pdf


Billing Information

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  • Mastercard
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